Iashvili Paediatric Tertiary Referral Hospital (“Iashvili”), located in Tbilisi, is the cornerstone of our neonatal and paediatric services, and offers one of the most comprehensive portfolio of such services in Georgia. Iashvili Paediatric Tertiary Referral Hospital has a strong reputation for neonatal and paediatric services in Georgia among both physicians and patients, as reflected in the volume of referrals from other healthcare facilities and the occupancy rates. It was partially renovated in 2011 and equipped with new medical equipment.

The hospital primarily caters to residents of Tbilisi, but also serves as a major referral hospital for specialised services and tertiary care for neonatology and paediatric services for patients throughout Georgia. It offers a full range of medical and surgical specialities to outpatients and inpatients, as well as 24-hour emergency services.

At Iashvili Paediatric Tertiary Referral Hospital we are focused on growth through the enhancement of existing, and the provision of additional, complex secondary and tertiary services, with a focus on neonatal and paediatric care. In 2015, we established a department for neonatal and paediatric cardiac surgical care, expanded the existing physical and labour capacity of the existing neonatal and paediatric neurosurgery department, invested in upgrades of existing equipment and recruited additional physicians.

We acquired Iashvili Paediatric Tertiary Referral Hospital in February 2014.

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